Your Bible’s Most Important Pages

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Quick: What do you consider your Bible’s most important pages?

Gordon MacDonald recalls a visited to China 40 year ago, shortly after it had opened its doors to American travelers. He met a Christian woman who was fascinated with the Bible he carried. She had not seen a copy of the Scriptures for two decades. He felt an impulse to give her his copy, but officials required that any Bible travelers brought into China had to be carried back out.

Then it occurred to him that he could at least tear out certain pages from his Bible and offer them to her. Surely Chinese officials would not check his Bible closely enough to see if every page was there.

She had not seen a copy of

the Scriptures for two decades

What pages from your Bible would you have given her?

Let’s see…I’d probably tear out the Parable of the Prodigal Son for her….

Or the pages where the Sermon on the Mount is found (Matthew 5-7)….

Romans 8 is a beautiful chapter….

I’d definitely include the story of the cross and the resurrection from one of the Gospels….

And I would think she could benefit from 1 Corinthians 15 about the hope of our own resurrection.

If you were faced with MacDonald’s opportunity and had just minutes to decide, what pages from your Bible would you give someone?

Here’s a suggestion: Share today’s devotional with someone and come up with a quick list. Maybe the exercise would make us all appreciate the free access we have to our Bible.

And maybe it would renew our commitment to reading it!


Tom Goodman serves as pastor at Hillcrest Church in Austin, Texas. His sermons are available on YouTube and the HillcrestToGo Podcast. He blogs at The Anchor Course website and you can find him on Facebook and Twitter.