The Lord Spoke!

In the film Cast Away, Tom Hanks played the lone survivor of a FedEx jet crash marooned on a deserted island in the south Pacific. A few packages from the jet washed up on the shore with the castaway, and he opened them in hopes of finding something that would help him survive. When he came to the last package, though, he chose to keep it intact. His determination to eventually deliver that package to its owner was his thin connection to the hope of rescue. In fact, the film ended with the delivered castaway delivering that package to its recipient five years later.

In a FedEx commercial that spoofed the movie, a once-marooned FedEx employee finally delivered a package he had protected for so long. Curiosity got the best of him and he asked what was in the package he had kept all those years on the deserted island.

She opened it and showed him the contents. “Oh, nothing really,” she said. “Just a satellite phone, GPS locator, a fishing rod, water purifier, and some seeds.”

No doubt those things would have come in handy for a man stranded on a deserted island!

The Bible is also something filled with good things that we miss if we neglect to open it. Many neglect to open it because they have suspicions about its dependability.

This Sunday, I want to give you five reasons you can trust the Bible to give you accurate information about Jesus.

In The Writing Life, Annie Dillard told of a rabbinical student who never heard his revered rabbi finish a thought. As soon as his teacher began to cite a Scripture verse with the familiar line, “Thus the Lord spoke–,” the student would rush out of the room to declare the astonishing truth to anyone who would listen, “The Lord spoke! The Lord spoke!”

That’s the kind of excitement we need to have when we read the Gospels. The Lord spoke–and we have his words!

Let’s discuss this further at our 10am service on Sunday. After the service, I’ll field questions during a live Q&A. Join us on campus or online. And forward this newsletter to someone who might be interested in the topic.