Sundry Dinner for October 8

Parrots removed from UK family safari park after teaching each other to swear – and laughing about it

Life as One of the Last Fire Lookouts. Yes, I love being a pastor. But the moment this job becomes available, I’m applying. Introverts unite! (But quietly, and in your own Fire Lookout. With a book.)

Here’s an excellent review of Rod Dreher’s new book, which “provides Christians with suggestions for surviving the coming soft totalitarianism, based on interviews with Soviet dissidents.”

At this page you’ll find a variety of “Quick Guides” to various religions, cults, and counterfeit gospels.

Why We’re Drawn to Conspiracy Theories. “Scripture gives us some helpful advice that will help us extinguish conspiracy theories from our midst. Here are a few ways that we can stop the spread of conspiracy theories.”

Watch Those Calories! A Digital Diet for Mental Health. “I want to propose a digital diet for long-term mental health as one of the ways we respond to biblical injunctions to replace anxiety with peace.”