Sundry Dinner for December 31

Here’s my annual “Books Read” end-of-year list for 2020.

Man spells out “I Hate Winter” on his running route app.

The world is “won or lost on front porches, in bedrooms at night, around family hearths, in movie theaters and anywhere young people hear, see, or read the stories that fill and illuminate their moral imaginations.” Rod Dreher

The Social Life of Forests. Fascinating article.

Hymn database sees spike in 2020 as Christians worship at home

Never click on this kind of Zoom invite. Zoom phishing scams are the latest conduit for planting malware to steal identities, passwords, and financial information.

Politico: What Happened to the Democrats Who Never Accepted Bush’s Election? The 2004 vote-fraud conspiracy movement never really died. What does that mean for Trump’s true believers—and America?

Should pro-lifers refuse to use the vaccines because they were developed using cell lines derived from the tissue of aborted fetuses?  Melissa Moschella at First Things weighs in.

Texas Tribune: As pandemic grinds on, Texas students increasingly feel alone and scared, and some are thinking about suicide