Endorsements from Participants

Here are some quotes from those who have already experienced the Course:

From a believer struggling with doubts: “If you have any kind of curiosity in your life about your relationship to God or with God (or your lack thereof), I’d say try going to this class.  I’ve never been in a setting until this one where people—me included—could openly talk about Christianity.  It was a wonderful experience for me.”


From a believer who has tried to share his faith: “It seems that each and every time the Gospel comes up in conversation, every person has an opinion on things.  I’ve always felt a little timid stepping into the conversation with both feet, mainly due to a lack of self confidence around some of the issues. This book has provided me with valuable information that can be incorporated into the witnessing process.”


From a small-group leader at a Baptist church: “We just finished our first Anchor Course.  Your illustrations are of tremendous help in conveying the message.  The message presentation in whole and part is very non-threatening for Christian and seeker alike.  This should be considered for all new converts and new church members.  We will encourage our church to offer this periodically as the message will not grow old.”


From a small-group leader at a Presbyterian church: “Many folks in the class have commented on how helpful the examples relating to movies, books, or shows of ‘today’ are to them.  The DVDs are wonderful.”


From a small-group leader in a prison aftercare ministry: “I have had the privilege of leading a small group through the Anchor Course and watched God use it to break the chains of unbelief.”


From a Jewish participant: “Coming from another faith, I wanted to explore what Christianity means. The history, the context, and the message. The Anchor Course was a wonderful, intelligent, and safe place to explore, learn, and understand. If you are seeking knowledge for your heart, your life, your soul, or just your curiosity, this is the right place to be.”

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