Interesting Reads for May 7

“A growing group of Southern Baptist women called for Paige Patterson to be removed as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) on Sunday, due to what they claimed was his ‘unbiblical view of authority, womanhood, and sexuality.’…The letter comes from scores of Southern Baptist women, including leaders such as: Karen Swallow Prior, a Liberty University professor and research fellow with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Convention; Lauren Chandler, an author, worship singer, and wife of The Village Church pastor Matt Chandler; Jennifer Lyell, a vice president at SBC-affiliated B&H Publishing Group; and Amanda Jones, a Houston church planter and daughter of Bible teacher Beth Moore.” Find out more about the letter at this Christianity Today article. If you want to sign the letter, go here.


The Dinner Party That Served Up 50,000-Year-Old Bison Stew


Why God Still Works Through Fools Like Samson. Good read. Will probably make you think of He Who Must Always Be Named. I doubt that was the author’s intention.


“Soon enough, the “need” to defend Trump will pass. He’ll be gone from the American scene. Then, you’ll stand in the wreckage of your own reputation and ask yourself, “Was it worth it?” The answer will be as clear then as it should be clear now. It’s not, and it never was.” Superb piece by David French


A Shaolin Monk Throwing A Needle Through A Pane Of Glass:

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