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Your Witness: Don’t Leave Home Without It

We go on vacation to get away from it all and “just be ourselves.” Believe me, the very last thing we should do on vacation is be ourselves–our impatient selves, our selfish selves, our undisciplined selves, our unkind selves. Here are six ways you can be a faithful witness as you travel.

Lifeway’s HomeLife magazine published this article back in 2001 when I was serving as pastor in the Cayman Islands, a popular vacation spot. You can find it here:

(Click the little box with an arrow and you’ll get a large enough image to read the print)

“How is the gospel good news to those we evangelize?”


A fundamental question in evangelism is often overlooked: “How is the gospel good news to those we evangelize?”

Not what is the good news, but how is our news good for others? Christians are often proficient at rehearsing the information of the gospel, but we often lack the ability to relate the gospel to the lives of others. If we are to overcome obstacles to evangelism, we must be able to answer this question: “What does the death and resurrection of a first-century Jewish messiah have to do with twenty-first-century people?”

How does the gospel transform the self-righteous do-gooder, the skeptical urbanite, the distant spouse, the successful professional, and the strung-out addict?

Jonathan Dodson goes on to explain how the gospel fulfills four things people search for today.

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